Instructions to Authors


- If you are not registered, click on "Register" and register yourself.

Attention! At the end of the registration page you will find the option "Register as". You must select "Author" and click on "Register".



- Access Codex's system:

- Enter your login and password.

- On user page click on "Author".

- Click on the link below the sentence "Start a new submission" to send a new paper.

- There are only 5 steps to complete the submission.


Step 1 - Home

1.1 Select the section.

1.2 Mark all the conditions of submission.

1.3 Save and continue.


Step 2 – Inclusion of Metadata

2.1 Complete correctly the fields with data from the author. If the paper has more than one author, click on "Add Author" and complete the fields again with the respective author's data.

2.2 Complete the fields "Title" and "Abstract".

2.3 Save and continue.


Step 3 – Transference of the Manuscript

3.1 Click on "Search", select the paper and click on "Transfer". IMPORTANT! The article must not contain the identification data of the authors. These data should be sent in another document (see next step).

3.2 Save and continue.


Step 4 – Transference of Supplementary Documents

4.1 Click on "Search", select the file with the authors' data and click on "Transfer".

4.2 Save and continue.


Step 5 - Confirmation of Submission

5.1 Click on "Finish submission"


Done! Your article is in process of evaluation. Follow the process by system.