El sufrimiento psíquico de niños y jóvenes en los días actuales

Edson Saggese, Sonia Borges, Renata Monteiro


rhe psychological sufering of children and youth has been highly discussed in the last few
years. rhis discussion revolves mainly around a possible intensiication of this sufering, due
to changes in the experience and coniguration of social bonds. rhe interview approaches
important aspects of the subjectivity of children and youth today. rhe dangers of the so
called Dzpathologization of everyday lifedz and its consequences, like the spike in and appeal of
medicalization, the status of the body as a means of constitution of identity and the growing
number of suicide amongst young people are some of the questions here discussed, refusing an
alarmist tone, and betting on the answers that the next generations will be able to produce. rhe
role of parents, professionals and society as a whole in addressing these new forms of sufering
is also discussed.
Keywords: youth, psychological sufering, medicalization, body.

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