Journal History

Oecologia Australis was created in 1995 under the name Oecologia Brasiliensis, the main objective was to increase the dissemination of the results produced by research carried out in the Graduate Program in Ecology of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (PPGE-UFRJ) . Nine issues were published until 2001, when the publication of the magazine was interrupted. In 2006, it was resumed as a quarterly journal and a with a new editorial board, along the new objective of publishing summaries, reviews and special issues on various topics in Ecology and related areas. In 2010 the journal is renamed Oecologia Australis. This change occurred due to the growth of Oecologia Brasiliensis and its consolidation as an important journal for the Brazilian scientific community, that demanded for a publication vehicle that included researchers from other Latin American countries and other continents. In 2020, a new stage began, through the partnership with the Brazilian Association for Ecological Sciences and Conservation (ABECO). With this new association, we hope to reach an even larger audience and foster further ecological discussions in the southern hemisphere. Oecologia Australis offers full instant open access to the entire public, assuming that scientific knowledge must be disseminated without any restriction.