Subjectivation and educational processes in the Sacred Circle Dances

Potyra Curione Menezes, Flávio Soares Alves


We propose to observe possible resonances between the corporal-collective experience installed in the Sacred Circular Dances (SCD) and the subjectivation/ educational processes. Therefore, we seek support in the enactive approach to draw compositions with a report involving this practice. The starting point was the following question: how can the relational dynamics of the SCD offer powerful spaces for encountering forces that intensify our experience of the self and mobilize educational processes for the teachers? By placing this question within the scope of the report in focus here, it was observed that the practice of the SCD promotes an intense involvement that demands a perceptive calibration of those who participate in it. Such calibration is evidenced between the dimensions of sensibilities and the sacred, through an ethical and aesthetics perspective that progressively constitutes not only the subjectivation processes, but also the educational movement of the future SCD teachers.



Sacred Circle Dances; Subjectivation; Care of the self; Education; Aesthetics of existence

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Programa de Pós Graduação em Dança - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Associação Nacional de Pesquisadores em Dança (ANDA)

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