Improvisations with archive-objects: we dance armengue & wear ancestral parangoléss

Laudemir Pereira Santos


In this article, the notion of improvisation in dance is approached from creative processes based on Afro-Brazilian cosmogonies. We call our experiences Armengue Dance. They are anti-choreographic and counter-dramaturgical scenic creations that make use of objects (archive-objects) in their body compositions. These creations were made during workshops and classes that made use of elinga principles, developed initially in a postdoctoral dance internship. Our aim is to dismantle the prejudiced view, presented in Brazilian dictionaries, for the notion given about an improvised action from the term armengue and to discuss a dance with objects from the point of view of street epistemologies. In this sense, the concept of improvisation-armengue is considered, in our studies, as a creative and anti-colonial weapon of the Brazilian people.


black-dance; armengue; parangolé; improvisation with objects; anti-colonial; intercorporeity.

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