Pre-Publication of Materia journal’s Papers

Nowadays, the publication of scientific papers has gained emergency. This stems from the fact that the numerous scientific laboratories possess an overwhelming activity and the desire to show swiftly their developments and discoveries, thereby also facilitating interactions and the sequential progress typically observed in this area. Because of that the scientific journals have improved and speeded up their procedures for peer-reviewing in order to decrease the time between the moment the text is received by the journal, its critical reviewing, acceptation, formatting and editing, as necessary steps for publication.

            But this wasn’t sufficient and became clearly demonstrated during the Covid-19 pandemic that we face presently. Within only a few months after the pandemic started, thousands of papers have already been produced on the theme and have markedly contributed to understand the phenomena therein involved. In this emergent situation, the whole process related with the conventional publication procedures of scientific papers were not sufficiently swift and the pre-texts were rapidly made available with free access.

             By understanding that making urgently available scientific results is not a privilege of a specific area of knowledge and that science as a whole benefits from it, the Materia journal editorial board has decided to create for all its accepted papers a pre-publication mechanism, using the UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)’s Portal for Scientific Journals (

             Therefore, with the present edition, the pre-publication of papers at the UFRJ’s Portal for Scientific Journals is now initiated, which, once their editorial process is finished, will be published at the Materia journal indexed at SciELO (



Paulo Emílio V. de Miranda