Influence of additives on phase stabilization of scandia-doped zirconia

Eliana Muccillo, Robson Lopes Grosso, Shirley Leite dos Reis, Reginaldo Muccillo


The effects of small additions of tin, zinc, calcium and boron oxides on phase composition and electrical
conductivity of zirconia-10 mol% scandia were investigated. Compounds containing 1 mol% zinc, tin and
calcium oxides and 1, 3 and 5 wt.% boron oxide were prepared by solid state reaction and characterized by
X-ray diffraction, density measurements, scanning electron microscopy and impedance spectroscopy. Full
stabilization of the cubic structure at room temperature was obtained with additions of 1 mol% calcium oxide
and 2 wt.% boron oxide. Partially stabilized compounds exhibit herringbone structure, characteristic of the β-
rhombohedric phase. Specimens with calcium as additive show total conductivity of 23.8 at 750ºC
with activation energy of 1.13 eV. Liquid phase sintering by boron oxide addition is effective to enhance the
densification of the solid electrolyte.

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