Estudo do efeito dos parâmetros de síntese na condutividade elétrica do compósito fluoreto de polivinilideno / polianilina

Glaucea Duarte


The electroactive polymers have been the subject of many studies in the last decade, mainly because its
unique properties. They are used in composite structures, which allow its application in many fields, as for
example, sensors and artificial muscles. The electrical properties of these composites are influenced by the
doping state of the electroactive polymer, which is controlled during its synthesis process. Therefore, this
work aimed to evaluate how the synthesis parameters influence the electrical conductivity of the composite
PANI/PVDF.The synthesis parameters evaluated were the concentrations of monomer, initiator and dopant,
and the synthesis time. PANI was obtained by chemical polymerization in a solution containing PVDF and
the solvent DMF. To evaluate possible changes in the chemical structure of the composite, the samples were
submitted to FT-IR and XRD analysis. It was possible to conclude that the parameters relative to the production
of PANI directly influence in the electrical conductivity of the composite. So, the sample produced with
major quantities of monomer, initiator and dopant were statistically significant to increase the electrical property
of the composite.

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