Experimental study on waterproofing MDF with castor oil-based vegetal polyurethane

Eliana Paula Calegari


This study aimed to analyze the waterproofing MDF with different coatings. For this, a comparative study
was conducted with the following coatings on MDF: Vegetable polyurethane resin on castor oil-based,
acrylic lacquer and marine varnish. To carry out the research, sewed up the samples in sequence, they
received the coatings, and then we performed the test water absorption. As a result, the polyurethane resin to
castor oil-based coating was presented the best results, that is, lower levels of water absorption lower
thickness swelling and volume. Finally, it is believed that the study of waterproofing MDF plant originated
from polyurethane castor oil is beneficial because it is a renewable source of material.

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