Efeito da incorporação de agregados com alto teor de sulfetos nas propriedades mecânicas e microestruturais de concretos com cimento de escória

Maria Gomides


The mineralogical change in the sulfides present in many aggregates can affect their stability, which may
undermine the performance of the concrete. This is a complex process and there is limited research in this
area. In this study, we examined the influence of aggregates containing a high sulfide content on the performance
of concrete containing slag cement. The sulfides present in the aggregates were initially identified and
quantified. The changes at the microstructural level of the concrete caused by the sulfide-containing aggregates
were then examined. These included volume changes, as well as their effect on the compressive
strength and modulus of elasticity. The results show that slag cement does not reduce expansion, and it is this
expansion that affects the mechanical properties of concrete.

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