A study on the functional properties of silk and polyester / lyocell mixed fabric

Jeyakodi Jeyaraj, Mariappan Arumugam, Vellingiri Kulandaiappan


Silk is one of the valuable fibers in textile industry. It is used for delicate applications in many areas such as sarees, suitings, curtains and luxurious interiors. To diversify the properties and usages silk is mixed with poly-ester and lyocell. The fabric is dyed with natural dyes (kum kum, indigo, barberry) as well as synthetic dyes (reactive dye (H), reactive dye (M) and sulphur dye). This mixed fabric is compared with 100% silk for some of the basic properties like absorbency, water retention, wicking, water vapour permeability, air permeability, K/S values, colour fastness and antimicrobial property. The silk mixed fabric gives the appreciable results with the 100% silk fabric.

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