Effect of Moisture Content on the Behavior of High Strength Concrete at High Temperatures

Larissa Degliuomini Kirchhof, Rogério Cattelan Antocheves de Lima, Almir Barros da Silva Santos Neto, Alana Costa Quispe, Luiz Carlos Pinto da Silva Filho


In this paper, an experimental program was carried out to investigate the residual mechanical properties of high strength concrete and normal strength concrete, and how moisture content and temperature affect the spalling process. Three mixtures with water-cementitious material ratios, from 0.25 to 0.50, and with different saturation levels were heated in an electric furnace to elevated temperatures, from 200°C to 600°C. After heating, the specimens were cooled down to room temperature and then tested for compression and tensile strength. The results showed that high moisture content induces the spalling process and reduces considerably the mechanical properties of high strength concrete, mainly at temperatures above 400°C. Keywords:  high temperature, fire, concrete, moisture, spalling

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