Effect of the addition of glasses as sintering aids on microstructure and properties of nanoalumina

Larissa Bezerra da Silva, Diego Blaese, Ana Paula da Silva Peres, Antonio Carlos Silva da Costa, Wilson Acchar


Alumina-Glass compositions were prepared to evaluate the effect of glass as sintering aids. The composites showed densification below 1100°C. The highest density values (~95%) were obtained for compositions based respectively on borosilicate (G2 and G3) and soda lime glasses (G4), all containing Na in the precursor powder. Samples G1 (K-based) and G5 (no K or Na in the precursor glass powder) presented irregular morphology with the presence of intergranular porosity. The composition G2, G3, and G4 presented uniform morphology corresponding to higher densification. Keywords: Glass, Alumina, Sintering Aid, Densification.

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