Structural quality in single crystalline CdSe ingots grown by PVT

Raúl Luis D´Elía, Myriam Haydée Aguirre, María Cristina Di Stéfano, Eduardo Armando Heredia, Ana María Martínez, Horacio Ricardo Cánepa, Javier Luis Mariano Núñez García, Alicia Beatriz Trigubó


CdSe is II-VI semiconductor with compact hexagonal structure. It has a band gap of 1.82 eV and a high stopping power for nuclear radiation. Single crystalline CdSe ingots were grown by Physical Vapor Transport (PVT) employing a horizontal reactor. As devices critically depend on material properties its single crystalline quality was determined by chemical etching and transmission electron microscopy. Results were compared to those corresponding to Bridgman High Pressure (HPB) grown material and also to PVT material grown in a vertical reactor. Keywords: Single crystalline CdSe ingots, PVT, HPB, Chemical etching, Optical Microscopy, Transmission and scanning electron microscopy.

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