Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Acrylamide Graft Polymer-Bentonite Nanocomposites Synthesis, Characterization and Properties

Songze Liao, Yi Pan, Shuangchun Yang, Guangzhi Liao, Minglei Xu, Dinar Nigmatullin


Bentonite is the most important material used in oil and gas field drilling operations. However, the properties of natural bentonite cannot meet the requirements of bentonite for drilling. Therefore, researchers pay much attention to the modification of bentonite. The hydroxyethyl cellulose-acrylamide graft polymer was synthesized by microwave assisted, and the bentonite composite based on the graft polymer was prepared. FTIR, XRD and SEM results show that the polymer exists between the layers and the surface of the bentonite. Research on the bentonite composite showed that the yield point and filtration properties of bentonite composite are higher than natural bentonite at 90 to 150 celsius. The composite yield point / plastic viscosity ratio is more than 0.6 and the minimum fluid loss is only 9.3ml, which can meet the requirements of drilling-grade bentonite. This material has the potential to be a candidate for drilling applications.

Keywords: bentonite composite, hydroxyethyl cellulose, acrylamide, microwave-assisted polymerization, solution intercalation. 

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