Cold metal transfer welding of AA1050 aluminum thin sheets

Alaattin Ozan İrizalp, Hülya Durmuş, Nilay Yüksel, İlyas Türkmen


This study was aimed to investigate the welding parameters on mechanical behavior of 2 mm thick AA1050 sheet materials joined by cold metal transfer (CMT) method. Macro structural examination showed that decreasing heat input decreased the pore size in the weld metal. Tensile test was applied and failure occurred in heat affected zone of aluminum sheet metal. Maximum tensile strength was found in the sample with minimum heat input. Heat affected zone was observed explicitly in the sample produced with the maximum heat input. Decreasing joint gap affected the bending strength positively. Bending strength was found superior with maximum bonding line length.

Keywords: CMT welding, mechanical characterization, AA1050.

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