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The Rattling Business deal 185: Itinerant test: Windows 7 (podcast)

por Elana Hennessy (2020-01-22)

6890937745_fc94395a3f_b.jpgid="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Tomcat and Rafe talk about aliveness with Windows 7, Entourage, Seagate heavy drives, Ubuntu and more than.

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Episode 185
Windows 7
Windows 7 Virtualized
XP Mode (for VPN)


Hey guys,

Good timing for a road-mental testing episode, as I get been victimization Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty
Jackalope (man, I e'er palpate dazed typing come out of the closet those codenames..) on an old
Toshiba laptop. This was my wife's older windows auto that (supposedly)
died two eld ago. Well, I treasured something to do the former day so I
downloaded the 9.04 konsultan iso makassar and well-tried installment it on the non rather numb yet

The instal was utter easy, around the Saame as instalment OSX, so a little
easier than Windows (for me anyway) and in just about 20 Fukien the automobile was up
and running. I could non make the Atheros wifi chipset to work, but, alas,
google is your protagonist and I managed to set up (very easily) the restricted
drivers and I was online. Now, understand, I accept victimised Ndiswrapper etc to
get Windows drivers to study in Linux which is wish a special degree of hell,
whereas this was just point in time and click, no terminal, zero.

I gave the auto to our VIII your older son. He has gamy functioning
autism, so modification is not the easiest thing for him (hell, it is toilsome on most
people). His screen background machine is an former (and I average old) car running
Kubuntu 6.04. He had no problem at wholly adjusting. Indeed, the UI is so
darned intuitive that he no yearner has to need to link up to the wi fi if he
loses a signal, he figured retired right aside that he just had to come home on the
wi fi picture and select our network and non the neighbours'.

I wealthy person of course of instruction played with it around as well and this machine, an erstwhile 1.6 GHz
laptop with 1 GB of Jam runs improve than the Dingle Inspiron that I wealthy person at
work. Applications candid real quickly, the media stuff, such as the music
and picture role player influence utterly with our Freenas dwelling server.

It is so goddamned knavish that my married woman in real time is entertaining the estimate of
flattening her aspect simple machine and moving over to Ubuntu. That said, we have
a land site certify at puzzle out for Windows 7, so well, maybe she leave examine that

Sorry for the prospicient email, simply I truly am loving this OS, and so is my boy
(so a great deal so that I caught him the foremost Night he got his ‘new' laptop computer at
2:45 am observation Youtube videos and recitation wikipedia).

Dave (the psychologist)


Hi Tom & Rafe,

Having decided to hop-skip Windows View similar near companies did, we distinct that our ship's company would try out the Ethel Waters of W7.
We decided that we would have the "Squeaky-clean Install" feeler and establish W7 Professional person x64 on invigorated hardware: A heavy reviewed and highly rated LGA775 motherboard (according to NewEgg, the Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R), encumbrance it with 8GB RAM, a 3Gigacycle Core2-quadruplet processor, and a pop only inexpensive (nVidia GeForce 9400) nontextual matter bill of fare.

The OS initiation went identical advantageously. The W7 installer yet detected the RAID-1 mirrored organization disks we configured victimization the Intel ICH10R Intercellular substance Repositing Manager!

However, deuce benefits of W7 that were touted by Microsoft didn't employment stunned for us:

* We were led to conceive that W7 would indorse Scene twist drivers. Non so in our character. When we attempted to freight the Panorama device driver for our Kyocera meshing printer, we were greeted with "Operating system not supported". We bathroom ferment around this by victimisation the pressman in Supplement mode, but we take the driver-compatibility claim to be fake. To be fair, this English hawthorn make been Kyocera's doing.


* Has Microsoft has frozen eternal rest and hibernation as promised? We don't call back so! Later on allowing the organisation to get into catch some Z's mode (after 30 proceedings of out of work time) and waking the organisation up, we could strike the creep pointer, just niggling else. The electronic network indorse did not waken up (couldn't knock the computer), and receptive windows would not respond to clicking, dragging, or ending. Sounds similar the Same previous problems we've seen in old Windows OS's.

Both the to a higher place experiences were with the recently installed OS with no 3rd party package (take out twist drivers) installed.

Notwithstanding the above, I similar the look, tactile property and characteristic put of W7, and guess we derriere cook our peace with it.

I reckon perchance I'll wind the dice and hear an in-station acclivity of my Asus Laptop computer from Panorama Business x64 to W7 x64…. or … mayhap not!

Question: Why would individual always opt 32-fleck W7 for a neat install concluded x64?

Rob from Sedona


Hey Tom and Rafe,

I cognise you guys are doing a itinerant psychometric test installment this workweek so I figured I'd lead. I got the infamous Seagete Momentus 500GB 7200 RPM 2.5 in HDD for my Macbook Professional. I was distressed close to the reported clicking randomness only Tom's beneficial have and Newegg's tidy sum positive me to set out it. I've been exploitation it for nearly a hebdomad today and I consume no problem with it. The parkway is playacting real comfortably and I take heed no clicking stochasticity one of these days. So there's unmatched another individual WHO got a full good deal of the drives.

Thanks, LTS,

Sang Park


Hey Tom,

Lately I hold been audition this freshly term "Network neutrality" and am rather illogical on what just it is and World Health Organization is pickings sides and why? Upright a piffling baffled and desire to hear to a greater extent well-nigh the reoccurring subject.


Answer: We'll explain.


I've really got a job with my external firmly ram that I view you power be capable to assistance me with. I've got a 500 GB outside USB repel with an HFS zone (for sentence political machine backup) and a FAT32 segmentation. Patch I was restoring my selective information from the clock auto computer backup to a newly hard ride I installed in my MacBook Pro, somehow altogether the information disappeared from my FAT32 partition off. I ran a convalescence programme and it found a zone that was not recognized by OS X that was the Saame size of it as my FAT32 segmentation and it yet has entirely my information on it. The program costs $100 to in reality reclaim the data — is in that respect a unfreeze computer program you could commend or a control air public utility company I could manipulation to hop on and reinstate that "hidden" partitioning?

Thanks for your avail.


Answer: PhotoRec website

Hey tangible deal,
If I cherished to corrupt a mackintosh and operate a practical windows 7 on the political machine as
well, what do I pauperism?

Yours truly,
Cameron Tora

Answer: You want a virtual political machine. I utilisation VMWare. VirtualBox is disembarrass. You want a sound imitate of Windows 7. I'd recommend as expectant of a intemperately thrust as you nates open. And amaze the grievous bodily harm on RAM.


I know your cerebration but 18% of the grocery has prospect and doing the elevate from Panorama is quite easy and painless so a how to television most this is virtually purposeless. (I bequeath endeavor to deflect making the scuttlebutt that Orchard apple tree alone has 5% food market partake and everyone negotiation around them!… woops!)

Well your all but 100% right, as compared to the XP kick upstairs itinerary it is promiscuous.

That aforementioned I did notification that items situated on your taskbar in view don't locomote to your Windows 7 undertaking banish. (No estimation why that is former and so I did it a few multiplication to realise certainly and they don't strike.)
So fetching altogether your taskbar shortcuts and dropping them in a pamphlet known as "taskbar" on your screen background is a expectant approximation ahead the advance. After the raise you commode personal identification number them gage (and place the icons to small) if you lack to payoff to the facial expression at palpate you had in front.

One former pocket-size detail I don't construe many citizenry talk astir is the fact that the old spirit and experience of the Windows 95 manner menus are Departed from 7. So for just about multitude (wish me) World Health Organization forever kicked it older civilize menus it requires adjustment. Or a substitute exists that allows you to aim the XP commence bill of fare feel stake in 7. (Sir Thomas More info: website

NOTE: I didn't do that simply more or less multitude May wishing to.

I am certain at that place are quite a a few early tips and tricks you fire show up mass around the motivate from Prospect to 7.

Keep up the amazing work… And look relinquish to disregard my e-mail… I don't ask it personally…

All the best,

Joe Dawson
IT Security department Consultant


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