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Caring for your ESA Birds: 05 Foods to Avoid

por Real ESA Letter (2019-12-28)

Do you recognize that some of the tasty meals is absolutely harmful on your birds?

We recognise that you want the great to your birds and need to share every tasty treat with them but, unfortunately, you cannot. Birds are one of a kind than humans and in the equal way, their meals is also one-of-a-kind.


Before moving on to the foods that are an absolute no no for your birds, we must answer the question that many ESA birds owners have in their minds, do we need to get emotional support animal letter for our bird?

A easy answer to it is that you'll be wanting to invite the government of your state about it. Contact the branch that manages all ESA affairs and see what they have to mention about it. In case they let you know to get one, make certain that you seek advice from an authorized intellectual health professional for it.

About the dangerous foods now, below, we have delivered a listing of the ingredients that are tasty for you however aren't as tasty and secure for your birds.

1. Chocolates
Everyone loves chocolates. Those darkish brown squares are an remaining joy for us however, unfortunately, now not a very joyous treat for birds. If consumed, birds get chocolate poisoning and enjoy from symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, disrupting the nervous device, seizures, and even loss of life.

2. Apple Seeds
Apple seeds contain minor strains of cyanide, which is quite common inside the culmination belonging to the rose family like cherries, apricots, and pears. The flesh of the fruit is nice and even good but you want to be cautious about doing away with the peel and seeds earlier than giving it.

3. Alcoholic Drinks
Alcoholic drinks and cocktails can be an essential a part of your parties however it must not be part of your bird’s diet. Most of the bird owners know that alcohol is fatal for his or her birds but sometimes, a freely roaming fowl may additionally get uncovered to it. In case your hird consumes alcohol, it may disrupt its entire machine and purpose dying also.

4. Salt

Humans and animals have a regulated amount of salt in their bodies that they maintain from outer food sources also. Giving salty foods to your bird can cause havoc to their system and cause a number of problems like excessive thirst. Kidney failure, dehydration, and possible death. Be watchful of what you give to your bird.


5. Avocado

But, will it not make a tasty treat for my birds also? No, it will not. The peel and pit of the fruit are known to cause heart failure and cardiac distress in birds, which is fatal. Some do argue about the number of toxins it has but we suggest that you play safe and keep your bird away from it and products that contain avocado.


Birds are beautiful but fragile creatures. Keeping them as an emotional support is lovely at the same time they need great care as you have to qualify for esa letter for housing for your bird from an authentic service. Therefore, you need to be really careful about what you feed them. Be diligent and careful to avoid any accidents.