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07 Reasons To Have A German Shepherd Dog As An ESA

por Real ESA Letter (2019-12-28)

Amongst all the dog breeds, German Shepherd is the most common and popular choice. Since these dogs are friendly and great family dogs, they also make excellent emotional support animals.


These dogs have a social and caring temperament and are great to live with families with kids. Due to their calm demeanor, people consider them before moving to other breeds. Before acquiring an ESA letter to live with your GSD or any other animal, go through an emotional support animal letter sample to see and know about the details.


If you are still thinking if you should choose a German Shepherd dog as your ESA then the following reasons will help you decide.


1. GSDs is an Intelligent Dog Breed: German Shepherd is an intelligent dog and this is why a large majority of police dogs are GSDs. these dogs are easy to manage and can learn anything really quickly.


2. They and Respectful and Protective: These dogs are known to be extremely protective and loyal to their human families and owners. When trained properly, they love and respect their owners and protect them from enemies also.


3. They have High Energy Levels: GSDs are known for their legendary stamina and capability to go on forever. Their energy level is quite high, which means that they will not get tired easily and can accompany you on long afternoon and evening walks. He will actually love them.


4. They are Natural Guard Dogs: These dogs have a natural tendency to guard and keep their families safe. This is probably the number one reason that these dogs are top police dogs and they have been in the respective job for decades.


5. GSDs are Loyal to the Bone: Loyalty is a dog’s top defining quality then why these dogs rank so high in this area? Because of their cool and patient temperament. All dogs can be equally loyal but not all of them have even temper.


6. They make Great Companions: A GSD is a great and ideal companion to adults and kids alike. Their behavior is friendly and due to their sweet temper, they make excellent family friends.


7. They are Overall Healthy Dogs: These dogs may not need frequent visits to the veterinarian. When kept on a good diet, they are generally healthy and happy dogs. However, they do need proper and regular grooming for healthy hair and coat.



German Shepherds are extremely friendly, loving and protective dogs. They are great family dogs and you will not regret getting one as you ESA also. But remember one thing that if you keep shepherd as an esa then you have to get free emotional support animal letter from an authentic website.