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It means that instead of me and personal pronouns, we are now using a two-person and two-person pronoun in life, and have already enjoyed a life of two of you.

Tense and excited

Some men often get nervous and excited before proposing marriage. He does not hesitate to express his interest and love, and if he is not missing, but his behavior becomes strange, the bells are playing for you.


pending time with your family

If your boyfriend, who has made up for any excuses not to face the family before, is now making up any excuses, if you want to spend time with your family on weekends or on certain days of the week, you can be sure that a marriage proposal will come.

Other signs are;


- If there is a change in her thoughts about marriage. If you're pre-married, even though you're uncomfortable with marriage, and recently started talking about marriage, and even saying that you enjoy going to weddings, be ready!

- If your ring is lost ün Be prepared for the offer you receive if your favorite and the most used ring has disappeared. He could have confiscated your ring for a few days to measure your finger.

- If the man you love starts paying attention to his expenses, then he's thinking about getting married. Because single men don't act very cheap. They do not like to restrict themselves and spend on their means for everything they think. But if you're paying attention to a downturn and you're constantly talking about saving money, it might be saving money for a single stone.

- If you have changed the single house on your own and has moved into a more sophisticated house that the family can live with, you can certainly hope to receive offers. Because he may be Mofos of putting you in his life.