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A Brita LongLastTM Pitcher Replacement Filter Review

Water is essential for life. Our life begins with and always involves water. Every day, we make unconscious assumptions about the quality of our drinking water. However, it seems that there are often some disappointing points about that quality.

Some of us decide not to drink tap water and go to the supermarket and search for packs of bottled water. Eventually, we all get tired of doing that. We do not want to spend all our time buying and space in the car for bottled water. Moreover, we want to stop destroying the environment with plastic bottles and to live healthier and more environmentally friendly.

A Brita LongLastTM pitcher replacement filter is a right fit for you. Replace your filter less frequently and substitute 900 plastic water bottles with just one item. We will discuss in detail why this item is the best seller in replacement pitcher water filters in terms of both the positive and negative comments in real reviews on products .

Positive comments about Brista LonglastTM Filter

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  • Guaranteed by the high reputation of the manufacturer. Brita was founded in the 1960s in Germany with the vision of optimizing tap water. With over 50 years of operation, Brita has become a leading global brand in water filtration, and Brita also dominates the biggest chunk of the market in North America. In case you have never bought any water filters before and you are looking to improve your drinking water, try a product from a leading company in this industry.
  • It its certified by WQA to remove up to 99% of the impurities, dirt, chemicals and more found in tap water. Most customers feel satisfied with the taste of the filtered water. The Brita LonglastTM, with active carbon, can fully remove chlorine (both taste and odor) and the other 12 contaminants from tap water.
  • Longer product lifespan: It can filter up to 120 gallons of water, which is equal to 6 months of usage and is 4 times higher than the average filter’s lifetime. You can save more on the cost of replacement and help to contribute more to a sustainably clean environment.
  • Made from durable and healthy materials that are BPA free.
  • Installed easily (with detailed graphic instructions) by simply holding on to the top and placing it into the pitcher. Some customers have found that an O-ring can help in case water may leak over the top after installation.
  • It fits in all Brita pitchers. Now you can keep using your Brita pitcher and just replace its original filter with this item.
  • Excellent customer service with the policy of return and replacement.

Negative comments about the Brista LonglastTM Filter

  • According some users, this LonglastTM does not last for 6 months. Sediment-rich water could be the reason for this. The more contaminants in the water, the easier it can clog the filtration.
  • In some other complaints, it takes more time to filter a pitcher than the other regular Brita filters. The main reason is that it is filtering the water from contaminants to provide the best water. Therefore, you have to wait longer than usual.

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Getting more than 75% positive ratings out of 9,710 Amazon reviews, Brita has been doing well. Now you can start purifying your water with this top reviewed kitchen item at just $14, with any Brita pitcher you can find on It is one of the most efficient and convenient ways to minimize our harmful exposure to unpurified water. In addition, if you are a frequent shopper of water filters, Amazon Subscribe & Save is a better option in terms of convenience and cost saving to have this best of products.