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Arranging a large event can be stressful - there's so much to think about. Spend a bit of time and effort arranging your catering, however, and at least you will know that your guests will be well fed and watered. Read on for some tips on arranging large-scale catering. Firstly, you need to know well in advance when and where your event will be as your caterers will need time to prepare for a large number of guests, drawing up menus and preparing the food.

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You should find out as soon as you can how many people will be attending the event and whether any of them have any allergies, religious food needs or other special requirements. You should tell your caterers as soon as you find out so they can adapt their menus if necessary and provide food options for everyone. All of the food on the day of the event should be clearly labeled with relevant information so people know what it is and what's in it.

Make sure you set you budget early on, both for the whole event and for the catering. Bear in mind that most caterers will have a range of menu options that vary in price, so ensure you can afford the one you choose. It also helps to know how many guests will be attending as they normally charge for large events per person, so make your figures as accurate as you can. Be up front about your budget so there can be no confusion later on.

Once you've chosen your event location, make sure there is adequate storage available for the food prior to the event. Your caterers should be informed early on if they'll need to provide storage as some of them might not provide this option. If the food needs to be transported, you could also consider choosing a caterer with access to their own vehicles or perhaps going for an option either close to or at the event location to avoid the hassle of moving the food around.

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You also need to give a bit of thought to whether you want to have a formal sit down meal or a buffet. A lot of event managers recommend a buffet for big events, but make sure you have people to serve the food so the queue moves along quickly. Inform your guests prior to the event about what food will be on offer so they won't hold up the queue by taking ages to decide what they want. A bit of advance planning should ensure your catering runs smoothly.

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