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When your children are still young, you are their sole organizer for their birthday parties. When you are playing the boss and planning for all the necessary arrangements, do not forget to include the kids birthday party favors in your to-do list. They are a gesture of courtesy for the kids who have attended your party and made your child happy. Therefore, as a note of thanks, they are those essentials without which, the party would be incomplete.

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Looking at the variety of kids birthday party favors at a store, you might be a little puzzled about what to buy. Purchasing gift for a single may be easy when you have to keep the personality of that only person in your mind. However, you cannot consider the likes and dislikes of each child who is going to attend the party. The key is to select few different items, bunch them together, add them in some goodie bags, tie them with a ribbon and hand them to the child when he/she is about to leave.

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Most kids take birthday parties as another name for fun activities and enjoyment. Considering this, you may also wish to hold a themed birthday party. For that, kids birthday party favors must also match the theme. Let's say, you are planning a cowboy theme or a Disney Princess theme for the party. Party favors according to the theme, such as a cowboy hat, Disney Princess brush and mirror set, Disney princess canvas art, or a Disney princess night light, will make up terrific favors for the little ones.

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Candies and cookies are an amazing choice to add in the goodie bags you will give to the children. Colorful cookies decorated with cookie decorators, along with candies wrapped in colorful paper, will surely be a kid's delight. Use these as enhancers in the goodie bags. Make the bags colorful and shiny to make them look catchy. Use colored papers, ribbons and color pens for this purpose.