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There may be many birthday parties that you must have attended and these parties give you an idea how to plan for your child 1st birthday celebration. There are chances that these parties may become very successful as they are planned in such a way. As it is the 1st birthday party of your child so it should be planned in a way that it becomes fantastic as well as enjoyable.

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Themed birthday parties among kids are very famous and full of fun. To organize a 1st birthday celebration as themed birthday party one needs to either hires a professional event planner in NYC or if you think that you have that capability then you can do it yourself.

Well the best time to celebrate birthday party for your child is in the afternoon as normally small children's cannot hang out and up for long at night so afternoon parties are more successful and are enjoyed. During afternoon hours children's are all up and awake and very energized.

Small children are really not concerned about the food which is served during the party unlike the way you have organized other events or activities for the same occasion. But in order to serve food so that others (elder) may enjoy it you need to take care of the interest of small children also that's why finger food are the best one. This finger food includes cupcakes, hot dogs and also marshmallows. These foods are actually not at all messy so it does not cut the fun of the kids as they usually soil their clothes.

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Well if you are planning for any theme birthday party for your kid then you need to find out what the best theme is or what your child is really looking for. For example if you have daughter or girl kid then a fairy party theme would be the best theme and for boy kid sports themed treat or farmhouses party would be the best suggestion. Plan any birthday for your child whether boy or girl but it should be a memorable event.

You normally invite your friends, relatives, friends of the kid and obviously your family members are the part of this big celebration so make it so good that it should be remembered by all. The main of this birthday party that it should be enjoyed by all whether by child or elders. As long as your child and others are happy with the party you will surely get a feeling that your efforts have been paid off.

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