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The good news is that your child's birthday is coming around again quickly this year - congratulations! The bad news is that your child's birthday is coming soon and it's time for you to plan the party. Planning a birthday party for your kids, regardless of age, can be stressful for parents. Follow these proven principles and distress and still get the perfect party!

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1. Invite early. Send out invitations for your child's birthday party three to four weeks before the birthday. This gives time to the invitees to respond and plan their schedule. Make sure your invitation is clear on the start and end times so the parents will know when they have to drop off and pick up.

2. Keep it simple. Kids will have fun almost no matter what when they get together. So remember, you don't have to have 27 different activities or even a tight schedule and plan.

3. Follow the proven '1-2-3' schedule. Start with a game or structured activity, then follow it with a 'let off steam' activity (like outdoor play), then the food, cake and present opening.

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4. Make sure the kids can let off steam. Kids love to run around, and organized games are a great way to help direct energy and enthusiasm. Outdoors, you can encourage games like soccer, chasing bubbles or you can organize ball games like relay races or games of catch.

5. Make it fun for the kids. Get input from your child, perhaps a friend or two of your child, and another parent. Remember, the party is for a child. Kids always have their own ideas of what makes a party fun. The goal is for the kids to have fun, after all! Discuss your possible theme ideas, party games, food, and favors with your 'consultants'.

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