Effect of Mill Type on Morphology of AA6013 Aluminium Powder

Recep Onur Uzun, Hülya Durmuş



In conventional recycling method, metal chips are cast after pressing and melting in electric arc furnace. Material loss occurs during the recycling from liquid metal due to the several reasons. Direct recycling method which produces the aluminium powder from aluminium chips using mechanical mill can be an alternative to conventional recycling method. Thus material and energy losses, and labour cost will be reduced by direct recycling method without melting.

In this study, the particle morphology of powder direct recycled from AA6013 aluminium alloy chips with cryogenic, disc and ball type grinders is investigated. Mechanical milling resulted flaky and irregular shaped AA6013 particles. It was ascertained that the chips did not break sufficiently in despite of the long duration milling mechanisms by ball mill. Cryogenic mill provides the energy required for milling mechanisms to act. Disc mill has the highest impact energy was determined. Consequently, efficiency of ball mill is lower than the efficiency of cryogenic and disc type mills. Shape factors of powders produced with ball and cryogenic mills were found greater than that of the powder produced by disc mill. Disc mill has the most efficient and effective impact energy which produces the smaller particles per minute, was determined.

Keywords: Direct recycling method, powder production, scrap chips, aluminium alloy. 

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