A New Fossil Stick Grasshopper (Proscopioidea: Proscopiidae) from the Crato Formation of Brazil

Márcio Mendes, Stela Maris Oliveira Lopes de Vasconcelos, Francisco Irineudo Bezerra de Oliveira


A new specimen of a stick grasshopper (Orthoptera: Proscopioidea: Proscopiidae) is described from the Early Cretaceous (Late Aptian – Early Albian) Crato Formation of southern Ceará, northeastern Brazil. This is only the second formal description of Proscopiidae in the fossil Record. Unfortunately, LP/UFC CRT 2698 is poorly preserved as a faint impression due to post-diagenetic processes. However, the discovery of this new taxon enhances the diversity of Proscopiidae in the Gondwana, and it confirms the South America as a dispersion zone for this family.


Orthoptera; Proscopiidae; Crato Formation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11137/2019_2_437_443


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