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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The contribution is original and unpublished, and is not being evaluated for publication by another magazine; otherwise, it must be justified in "Comments to the editor”.

  • The submission file is in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or RTF format.
  • When possible, URLs for the references were provided.
  • The text follows the style standards and bibliographic requirements described in Guidelines for Authors, on the About the Journal page.

Author Guidelines

Manuscript Preparation

1. The Anuário do Instituto de Geociências (Anuário IGEO) is an official publication of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Center for Mathematical and Nature Sciences (CCMNO, Institute of Geosciences (IGEO) with the objective to publish original and unique scientific papers of broad interest in the fields of Geology, Paleontology, Geography, Meteorology, and Oceanography.

2. Since January 1, 2022 there are no fees for authors. 

3. The texts must be written in English. The abstract in Portuguese and keywords (resumo and palavras-chave) must always be presented.

4. Articles may be up to 20 typed, one-and-a-half spaced pages (A4 size), including illustrations and bibliographical references. Besides, each submiited file cannot exceed 2 Mb.

Routing for Preparation

a) Texts

5. Articles

In sequence:

i) Title in English in bold;

ii) Title in Portuguese;

iii) Abstract in English in a maximum of 25 lines and in only one paragraph;

iv) Keywords in English (three), separated by semicolons;

v) Abstract in Portuguese in a maximum of 25 lines and in only one paragraph;

vi) Keywords in Portuguese (three), separated by semicolons;

vii) Captions of the figures in the body of the text, in the approximate position where they should appear;

viii) Section titles (Example: Introduction, Methodology and Data, Results, Conclusions, References) should be in bold and left-aligned. Hierarchize titles and subtitles in 1, 1.1, 2, 2.1, 2.2 etc. (all in bold). Do not place point, dash or colon after the item number, subitem, figure or table.

- Edit the text and tables in Word for Windows, A4 size page, Times New Roman font, size 12. Lines of the text aligned to the left and in space 1.5. All margins should be 2.5 cm. Type the tables in TABLE mode and place captions above each table.

- Equations must be typed in the text and numbered sequentially.

- Send the digital file ".doc" or ".docx" up to 2 Mb.

- Template available.

6. In the Submission Step 1 (Comments to the Editor), indicate up to three researchers (full name, contact email address and ORCID) with expertise in the research topic that can act as ad hoc reviewers. It will be up to the Editorial Board of the Anuário do Instituto de Geociências to choose the reviewers, and may or may not include some of the names indicated.

Please, include in METADATA all author's names, affiliation, ORCID numbers, URL: Lattes link or Institution link. Affiliation must be written in the original language, for example: Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Instituto de Geociências, Departamento de Geologia

b) Illustrations

7. Graphic and photographic illustrations shall be numbered sequentially, in the order of their citation in the text (Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3 ...), and considered, even boards or pictures, indiscriminately as Figures. Figures composed of several illustrations should be grouped into only 1 file, labeled with letters: Figure 1A. ---; B. ---; C.---. All illustrations should be prepared in .jpg format with 255 dpi resolution. The figures should be prepared in order to optimize the available space.

8. Captions and symbols of the illustrations must be appropriately sized to allow readability for possible reductions. Explain all symbols. Place graphic scales within the illustrations area.

c) References

9. Citations in the body of the text, follow the Harvard style. We recommend the use of Mendeley to organize the references.


Lima (2020), Lima & Silva (2021), Lima, Pereira & Silva (2021) and for four authors or more, Lima et al. (2019). In case of many references, organize them by alphabetic order, separated by semicolons. Example: ... (Karl et al. 2015; Reynolds et al. 2010; Simon et al. 2002).

10. At the end of the text, write the references in the alphabetical order of the surname of the first author, using the following formats:

Articles in Journals:

Nobre, C.A., Mattos, L.F., Dereczynski, C.P., Tarasova, T.A. & Trosnikov, I.V. 1998, 'Overview of atmospheric conditions during the Smoke, Clouds, and Radiation-Brazil (SCAR-B) field experiment', Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, vol. 103, no. D24, pp. 31809–20.

Reboita, M.S., Gan, M.A., Rocha, R.P. da & Custódio, I.S. 2017, 'Ciclones em Superfície nas Latitudes Austrais: Parte I - Revisão Bibliográfica', Revista Brasileira de Meteorologia, vol. 32, no. 2, pp. 171–86.

Dissertations and Thesis

Perotto, H. 2017, 'Um Estudo sobre Modelagem de Ondas Oceânicas no Atlântico Sudoeste e uma Representação Espaço-temporal Uniforme de Dados de Satélite', PhD. Thesis, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul.

Publications Appearing in Scientific Meetings

Komar, P.D. & Gaughan, M. 1973, 'Airy wave theories and breaker height prediction'. Proceedings of Coastal Engineering Conference, pp. 405–418.


Palmén, E. & Newton, C.W. 1969, Atmospheric Circulation Systems: their structure and physical interpretation, Academic Press, San Diego, California.

Chapters in books:

Satyamurty, P., Nobre, C.A. & Silva Dias, P.L. 1998, 'South America', in  D.J. Karoly & D.G. Vincent (eds), Meteorology of the Southern Hemisphere, Meteoorlogical Monographs. American Meteorological Society, Boston, MA, pp. 119–39.

Website citations:

Associação Nacional para Difusão de Adubos e Corretivos Agrícolas. 2018. viewed 14 Feb. 2021, <>.

Map citations:

Almeida, J.C.H., Heilbron, M., Guedes, E. & Ramos, R.R.C. 2018, 'Mapa geológico do Estado do Rio de Janeiro' 1 mapa: 80 cm x 120 cm. Escala 1:400.000.

For more details: Harvard Interactive Guide.pdf (

When submitting your manuscript send, as your last supplementary file, the following information:

11. Contribution of authority

12. Funding information

13. Conflict of interest

14. Data availability statement


Check details at:  Template available.

Peer review and evaluation of the manuscript

16. All papers are submitted to the initial critical analysis of the Editorial Board and, if they have scientific merit and are relevant to their research area, they will be submitted to the evaluation (double blind) of at least two external Ad doc consultants. After completing the review of an article, the reviewers fill out an evaluation form, sending their suggestions and recommendations to the Associate Editor responsible for the article, which passes it on to the authors. In the case of divergent judgments, the work is sent to a third reviewer.

Final Manuscript Preparation

17. After the review rounds are completed, the accepted papers are forwarded to the Text Editor, who will review the manuscript and indicate to the corresponding author the editorial recommendations (in notes in the manuscript itself).

Proofs and Reprints

18. Proof of Articles will be sent to the authors (file in PDF format) for correction before printing. Necessary changes must be handled in the proof of the PDF file.


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