Mechanics of Cosserat Generalized Continuum and Modelling in Structural Geology

Anderson Moraes, Rodrigo P. de Figueiredo, Eurípedes do A. Vargas Jr


The conception and interpretation of models in structural geology, specially the numerical ones, are eminently based on the principles of classic continuum mechanics, where the intrinsic formulation has high degree of symmetry in its very essence. However, the geological structures carry in all scales a remarkable level of asymmetry. On the other hand, the mechanics of Cosserat generalized continuum, by incorporating characteristic lengths of the matter structure in its constitutive and strength laws, leads by itself to the asymmetry and the heterogeneity of the kinematic and dynamic fields responsible for rock fabric. Based on the intrinsic formulation of the Cosserat continuum, the present work emphasizes conceptual, analytical and numerical models that suggest the expansion in the interpretation of the genesis and development of geological structures, in particular those found in fault zones.


Cosserat continuum; Structural Geology; Numerical Modelling

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