Estudo de um perfil podzólico e de brunizem da zona oeste do estado do Rio de Janeiro


  • Helena Polivanov UFRJ; Departamento de Geologia
  • Antonio Carlos Jacome de Castro UFRJ; Departamento de Geologia
  • Franklin dos Santos Antunes UFRJ; Departamento de Geologia
  • Luiz Cláudio de Araújo Camara UFRJ; Departamento de Geologia



This work describes the study of two types of soil profiles , podzolic and brunizem . The profiles are localized at Avenida Brasil near the Cabritos viaduct in the city of Rio de Janeiro . Chemical analyses, pH values, sulfuric digestion (SiO2, Al2O3,Fe2O3, TiO2, K2O, Na2O), X-ray diffraction of the clay and silt fractions, mineralogical analyses of sand under the microscope , physical measurements of the Atterberg limits, grain size analyses and specific gravity of solids, were undertaken. The analysed soils have values of the Atterberg limits coherent with the grain size and mineralogy, and the geochemical behavior of the elements analysed is compatible with the pedogenetic processes of formation of these profiles.