Notas sobre a dinâmica do capital no complexo da soja


  • Júlia Adão Bernardes
  • Antonio Alves da Silva



This work intends to analyse the spatial results obtained by the introduction of new techniques by the soybean agro-industry in the Rondonópolis region (Mato Grosso State). Many radical transformations can be observed as the interaction of many new productive activities. Besides the expansive characteristic of the soybean production, it is presenting a new articulation with different productive circuits. This new reality creates social divisions that involve much competition, transforming the previous existing social order. The region proves to have the capacity of absorbing new scientific research and qualified workers, together with important communication facilities. All this happens due to the efficiency of free enterprise and its incredible force to change the environment, transforming the whole region by introducing new tendencies, changing the division of work and giving the area a very dynamic reality.





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