A data collection instrument to understand the appropriation of geological heritage by society: study of Morro do Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro

Isabella de Souza Neto Teixeira, Deusana Maria da Costa Machado, Aline Rocha de Souza F. de Castro, Luiza Freire de Farias


Studying of the Corcovado Hill's heritage importance, placed at sector B of the Tijuca National Park, at Serra da Carioca, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, the found methodologies of geodiversity valuation were realized by researchers' point of views. However, the study raised some questions about how the society see it. Would Corcovado Hill be only recognized as a wonderful landscape? Is it understood and valorized as a heritage? Do people see something besides this landscape? And if they do, what would it be? To answer all this questions a data collection instrument was found to analyze the society relationship with Corcovado Hill. The structured questionnaire/interview showed as a very good tool to decipher the people's heritage perception. It was thought and organized to show, after its application and analysis, its importance to understand as the society appropriated the geological heritage and permit the best decisions about the heritage use.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.11137/2012_1_123_132


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