Urban geotourism: education and culture


  • Antonio Liccardo Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa; Departamento de Geociências
  • Virginio Mantesso-Neto Conselho de Monumentos Geológicos
  • Gil Francisco Piekarz MINEROPAR




Geotourism is a segment of the geosciences and tourism that has been widely used as an informal educational tool, and its use in urban areas is becoming more and more attractive as the world's population is becoming increasingly urban. This paper postulates that the essence of geoturism is scientific education and environmental awareness, and that among the results of its consistent practice are cultural evolution and the development of actions aiming at conservation. Acting as a multiplying agent for this geoscientific spreading, urban geotourism can reach more individuals quicker and more efficiently; as a result of this, it may also function as an element of connection for geotourism in natural areas, and also serve as a basis for cultural and historical analyses of towns and cities.





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