Quantitative Evaluation of Geological Heritage: Application to Geosites of São Sebastião Nopthern Coast of São Paulo

Fernanda Coyado Reverte, Maria da Glória Motta Garcia


This paper discusses the methodological approach used in the inventory and quantification of the geological heritage of the city of São Sebastião, northern coast of São Paulo. The selected areas are important for scientific research and correspond to nine geosites, six outcrops in rocky shore distributed by the  municipality, a distant archipelago from the mainland about 50 km and a point of geological interpretation, which will act as a belvedere. Because of the absence of a specific method for quantitative analysis of coastal areas for this study were adapted two idealized methodologies to meet Brazilian geosites, one of them specific to the Chapada Diamantina -- BA. Following a relevance criterion, the results obtained, beyond revealing scientific geosites with educational and tourist potential, helped in choosing priority actions for the preservation of that heritage and suggested possible proposal for to be used in future by public and / or private institutions in the management, conservation and dissemination of these important areas of scientific interest, contributing to sustainable development of the region.


Geoconservation; Quantification; Inventory; Geological heritage; São Sebastião.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.11137/2016_2_43_56


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