Analysis of Changes in Lightning and Precipitation Generated by a Convective System in Southeastern Brazil

Luciana Cardoso Neta, Carina Klug Padilha Reinke, Eliton Lima de Figueiredo, Roseli Gueths Gomes


This work analyzes changes, in space and time, of lightning and surface precipitation generated by a convective system occurred in Southeastern Brazil on October 2007. Satellite imagery from the GOES-10 infrared were used to identify and track the system, cloud-to-ground lightning data from RINDAT network and surface precipitation from automatic stations were also used. After its formation, this system evolved as a linear system, then turned into a quasi circular system to, after a new transition, get into the dissipation process. Each transition phase presented unique features in the evolution of lightning and precipitation. Most cloud-to-ground lightning were negative, tending to be grouped as a cluster, while the positive occurred in a more scattered way.


Storm; Deep convection; Lightning; Precipitation.



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