Taxonomic Inventory of the Insects Fossils Collections of the Museu Dom José and of the Universidade Estadual Vale do Acaraú, Sobral City, Ceará State

Maria de Jesus Gomes de Sousa, Milagros Gabriela da Cruz Cardona, Maria Somália Sales Viana


A reality yet observed in institutions that has paleontological collections, such as museums and universities, is not aware of the specimens that make up their collections, and his study could bring many answers to taxonomy and phylogeny. This work present a general taxonomic classification of the fossils insects specimens belonging to the collections of the Museu Dom José and the Universidade Estadual Vale do Acaraú, in Sobral city, Ceara State and, in this context, displays specimens not yet described in the literature, from the Santana Formation of Araripe Basin. Was performed an extensive literature search and the specimens were observed through comparative anatomy in the literature. In all, 39 samples analyzed, with representatives of seven orders (Blattoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera, Ephemeroptera, Hemiptera, Orthoptera and Odonatoptera). Registered taxa were: Araripegryllus femininus,Araripegryllus sp, Cratoelcana damianii, Cratolocustopsis sp., Hallex xestocephalus (?), Hallex brevipes (?), Mesoblattina sp., Nothomacromia sensibilis, Paracearagryllus poliacanthus, Protoligoneuria limai, Vulcanoia sp., and one Staphylinidae beetle, one unheard  diptero Ceratopogonidae, one Progonomicidae Coleorrhyncha, one heteroptero Cimicomorpha and indeterminates  cicadomorphas. Collections of studies are always welcome because they generate knowledge and questions to be answered with new works.


Fossil collection; Insect fossil; Taxonomy; Araripe Basin; Santana Formation



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