Air Mass Flow Estimation by Differences of Sea and Land Surface Temperature Compared with in Situ Data

Rodrigo Carvalho de Sousa, Francisco Leite de Albuquerque Neto, Gutemberg Borges França


This work conducted analysis of the behavior of the sea breeze at the surface and at altitude, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, using surface weather stations, computational model, atmospheric sounding and wind profiler. This analysis has established the non-linear correlation between the flow of breeze and the variation of the temperatures of the ocean and the continent and it was estimated the flow of wet mass carried by the sea breeze from the ocean to the interior of the continent, taking examples of observations in winter and summer days. The results showed that the mass flow of moist air is transported from the sea to the mainland is about three times higher in summer compared to winter. Featuring non-linear correlation of the variation of surface temperature with the intensity of the sea breeze.


Sea breeze; Mass flow; Wind



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