Reflection, Epistemic Value and Human Flourishing

Waldomiro Silva Filho, Felipe Santos


In this paper, we discuss two recurring themes in Sosa's work, reexamined in Judgment and Agency (Sosa, 2015) from a new angle, i.e. the place and importance of reflection in the cognitive economy of the epistemic agent, and epistemic value.  Regarding the latter, Sosa suggests that knowing full well, which necessarily involves reflection, has value because it contributes to human flourishing. Although Sosa's “new virtue epistemology” appears very promising in explaining different intuitions regarding epistemology and demonstrating that it is possible to join reliabilist and responsibilist accounts of virtue epistemology, we believe that solving the value problem requires further clarification in order to truly explain the value of knowledge.


Epistemology; Sosa; Virtue Epistemology

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