Biostratigraphy of Early Oligocene - Early Miocene Asmari Formation at the Southern Flank of Mish Anticline, Izeh Zone, SW Iran

Maghfouri Moghaddam, H. Rashnow


In this research, biostratigraphy related to the Asmari Formation at the southern flank of Mish anticline, Izeh Zone, is discussed. In the studied stratigraphic section, the Asmari Formation overlies the Pabdeh Formation and underlies Quaternary sediments. A study of 192 samples of the 328 m-thick Asmari Formation led to identification of 16 species and 26 genera of foraminifera taxa and identification of four Oligocene biozones. The Globigerina spp. and Nummulites intermedius- vascus Assemblages Zones represent the Rupelian age. The Ruplian- Chattian age is also defined by Lepidocyclina- Operculina- Ditrupa Assemblages Zone and Archias asmaricus- Miogyosinoides spp. Assemblages Zones that indicates a Chattian age.


Asmari Formation; Foraminifera; Biostratigraphy; Izeh Basin; Iran

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