Análise da Estrutura Espacial do Sistema Administrativo do Estado do Espírito Santo


  • Liane Maria Monteiro
  • Marina Sant'Anna
  • Lucy A. R Freire



A spatial structure model for the administrative system of the State of Espirito Santo presenting maximum spatial efficienty, is the purpose of this study. Therefore, it was necessary to identify and evaluate the existing administrative structure and reformulate it relatively to the limits of each division. The methodology employed was developed through five different stages.The first one consisted in the identification of the spatial structure of tht administrative system of State of Espirito Santo. Thus, the politic-administrative poles of transmission of decision were indicated through a survey of all cities of the State, and the areas of influence of each commanding regional pole were determined through the matrices of functional subordination. The second stage involved an evaluation of the spatial efficiency of these regions through the efficiency index. The third stage comprised the elaboration of a new spatial structure for the administrative system of the State, considering the accessibility factor and the evaluation of the spatial efficiency of each new region. The fourth stage consisted in the determination of the administrative regionalization hich presented the best spatial efficiency index. Finally, the fifth stage included analysis on the elaborated regionalization.





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