Pedagogy of the History of Brazilian Music for Basic Education


  • Maria Alice Volpe, editor-in-chief Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
  • Mário Alexandre Dantas Barbosa, guest editor Colégio Pedro II; Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro



Pedagogy of music history, Brazilian music, Basic education, Music education.


The Revista Brasileira de Música (Brazilian Journal of Music) begins its 85 years consolidating its editorial policy of internationalization and democratization of access to knowledge. The present volume expresses the institutional concern to promote the socialization of the results of research developed at the university in broader sectors of society, focusing on the integration of updated knowledge about Brazilian music in the curricular contents of elementary and high school. The texts published here result from the first edition of the extension course 'Pedagogy of the History of Brazilian Music for Basic Education', aimed at the continuing education of teachers, and which was held during the IX International Symposium of Musicology of UFRJ “Music, Society and Socialization of Knowledge, ”which celebrated the 170th anniversary of the UFRJ School of Music in the week of August 13-17, 2018.