Music in the Luso-Brazilian space


  • Maria Alice Volpe, editor-in-chief Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro



Iberian music, music in Portugal, music in Brazil, colonial period, musical theory, organology


The main theme “Music in the Luso-Brazilian space”, of this volume, clings with a set of studies presented earlier in this journal, “Repercussions from the long eighteenth century” (RBM, v. 23, n. 2, July-Dec. 2010), and offers another set of articles focusing on the historical, musical, cultural and musicological relations between Brazil and Portugal. These volumes are also related to the perspective presented in the previous volume (RBM, v. 28, n. 2, July-Dec. 2015) as it integrates the “world system” (Wallerstein) through musical practices belonging to institutionalized structures of knowledge, also historically situated, which, however, contain in itself possibilities of repositioning the relations between “center” and “periphery, as well as of reinventing worldviews.