Sense, style and idiomaticism


  • Maria Alice Volpe, editor-in-chief Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro



Musical historiography, music research, Brazilian music, institutional history


The Revista Brasileira de Música (Brazilian Journal of Music) opens the year 2013 by continuing its editorial policy of internationalization and democratization of access to knowledge, the results of which have expressed increasing geographic diversity of authors and topics covered, as well as the dissemination of the publication itself. This issue proposes the theme “Sense, style and idiomaticism”, and discusses the construction of meaning with emphasis on various stylistic approaches embodied by an idiomatic performing style of musical instruments effectively used or evoked, as well as the appropriation of stylistic idioms from diverse musical traditions. The
articles that make up this issue offer a diverse cultural and historical horizon, covering a large chronological range from the eighteenth century to the present, in musical locations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.