Call for papers: The 100 years of Darcy Ribeiro: Nuestra America and the civilisation in the 21st century



What is the role of Brazil, Latin America and the tropics in the construction of a new civilization of humanity in the present century?
What are the paths and challenges of Latin American Integration in the present time?
What are the paths and challenges of the processes of emancipation of the peoples of Nuestra América?
How to face imperialism and the internal structures of domination of Latin America in our time?
What is the panorama of the indigenous question in the present century?
What are the paths for an autonomous, sustained and socialist development in Brazil?

Deadline for submission: May 31, 2022

Publication date: September 2022


Submissions and more information on the website of the journal:


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Llamada de Trabajos a Reoriente V.2, nº 1


Dossier 100 años de Darcy Ribeiro: Nuestra América y la civilización en el siglo XXI


Plazo 31 de mayo 2022

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Chamada de Trabalhos para Reoriente V.2, Nº 1


Chamada de trabalhos para o dossiê 100 anos de Darcy Ribeiro: Nuestra America e a Civilização no Século XXI

Prazo: 31 de maio de 2022

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