Eduardo Guimarães Santos, Priscilla Lóra Zangrandi, André Faria Mendonça, Emerson Monteiro Vieira


Agonistic events can cause the death of one or more individuals involved and can be an important factor in population structure. The recording of these interactions between small mammals in situ is a difficult task. Here, we describe for the first time two intraspecific killing events occurred inside traps between male sigmodontine rodents belonging to the species Oligoryzomys nigripes and Oecomys cf. cleberi in a Neotropical savanna (Cerrado). We discuss on the nature of the aggression between the males by examining the location of injuries. Our results provide insight into intra-sexual behavioral competition that may occur.


agonistic behavior; Cerrado; Neotropical savanna; Rodentia; small mammals

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