Environmental and geologic study of the Joaquina Beach (SC)


  • C. R. dos SANTOS Universidade
  • N. O. HORN-FILHO Universidade
  • T. T. CASTELLANI Universidade


sedimentology, geoecology, coastal dunes,


Results are here presented of an environmental, sedimentological and morphological reseach at Joaquina Beach, Santa Catarina Island, developed during november 1992 - march 1994. Along 8 pro files were observed erosional and depositional features in the inactive dune, foredune, backshore and foreshore sectors. The textural analysis of the 117 surface samples revealed the predominance of fine and medium sandy sediments, quartzose, well to moderately sorted, negative skewness and platicurtic/mesocurtic curtosis. The grains are subrounded, medium sphericity and superficially polished. The beach shows up balanced equally environmentally, with the exception of the northern extremity, that has been affected by antropic action, mainly for to touristic purposes, like shops, restaurants, hotels and parking lots.