Aspects of Nepomorpha distribution (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) in freshwater bodies at Restinga de Maricá, Rio de Janeiro State - SE, Brazil


  • J. R. I. RIBEIRO Universidade
  • J. L. NESSIMIAN Universidade
  • E. C. MENDONÇA Universidade


Nepornorpha. environmental factors, aquatic insects. restinga


A quantitative study on the aquatic Hemiptera from Restinga de Maricá was carried out frorn January to June, 1996. Seven water bodies of different sizes and physiognomies were sampled. Thirteen species from five families were collected: Notonectidae, three species of Buenoa and one of Notonecta; Belostomatidae, two species of Belostoma and two of Lethocerus; Corixidae; one species of Sigara and anothcr of Corixini; Naucoridae, one species of Pelocoris; Ncpidae, one species of Ranatra and another of Curicta. Nepomorpha distribution was mainly influenced by the following environmental factors: dissolved ion concentration, ternperature, acidity, macrophyte abundunce, water body size, and substrate type. Sigara (Tropocorixu) denseconscriptoidea showed a distribution restricted to pools with a great amount of accumulated organic substrate. Pelocoris sp. seems to have a distinct distribution pattern, which is conditioned by low temperature and sandy bottom pools. The species richness followed the macrophytes quantities and the pool size.