Fish production in streams: principles, methods and perspectives

R. Mazzoni


Production studies are fundamental for the understanding of the trophic structure of aquatic systems. Nevertheless, the present state of knowledge on this subject is still at the beginning, especially in the case of Tropical streams. In this chapter Ideal with the main theoretical concepts on this malter, the different methods to calculate fish production in streams as well as with perspectives on Tropical streams fishes. It must be stated that considering the available methods, they all lead lo similar results and that the choice of any of them falls on research circumstances. The most adequate method used for Tropical fishes was the Frequency Method. A comparative approach is done for the known production rates in Tropical, Temperate and Mediterranean regions suggesting an inverse pattern between species diversity and production rates. Nonetheless, it is evident that an increase on the fish production studies is the only way of forming a solid theoretical and conclusive body on such subject.


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