Alberto González, Griselda Benítez Badillo


The main goal of this study is to perform review of road ecology issue in Mexico. More specifically we addressed: 1) a general overview of road construction from pre-Colonial times to the present; 2) a description of the historical background context for understanding modern Mexico´s highway system; 3) a review of the main results of the road ecology studies in Mexico and 4) the Mexican policy on mitigation actions. Finally, we discuss the key points of future research and road policies. There is already some research, mainly in road mortality, which gives us a glimpse of the impact of roads on Mexican wildlife. Mexico has wide diversity of habitats and ecosystems. So, to gain knowledge on the impact of roads on wildlife so that efficient corrective and preventive actions can be planned much more study is required. Unfortunately, most of the studies carried out in Latin America, and specifically in Mexico, were done only over Environmental Impact studies for large scale infrastructure projects. There is still a long way to go in Mexico for roadways to become environmentally friendly, but little by little the issue is gaining importance and hopefully more and more academics, policy makers and people in general will become interested and get involved, so that this goal can be achieved.


Fauna; road-kill; public policy

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