Petrophysical Characterization of Shaly Sand Reservoirs in Well UK-05 Eastern Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria




Reservoir rock, Hydrocarbon, Shale effect on petrophysical parameters


A petrophysical evaluation of Well UK-05 in the eastern Niger Delta Basin was carried out in order to determine reservoir zones, their porosity, permeability, fluid saturation and the effect of shaliness on the petrophysical parameters. Using interactive petrophysics software version 3.5, twenty five (25) reservoir zones were identified. The porosity values range from 15.77- 4.66% and permeability from 2.76-546.54 mD. The Archie’s, Simandoux, Dual-porosity, Waxman and Smith, and the Indonesian models were used to determine the fluid saturation. The water and hydrocarbon saturation values using the Indonesian model are 21.67-50.49% and 49.51-78.33% respectively. They slightly differ from the ones obtained using Simandoux, Dual Water and Waxman and Smith model (20.72-49.88% and 50.12- 9.22%, 18.26-50.49% and 49.51-81.74%, 14.67-48.26% and 51.74-5.33% for water and hydrocarbon saturation respectively). The interpreted lithology shows that the formation penetrated by the Well UK-05 is dominated by alternating sands and shales with the sand being the dominant lithology. These lithostratigraphic characteristics correspond to those of the parallic Agbada Formation. The effective porosity values obtained range from 14.93 to 34.66%, which are lower than 0.013% to 94.08% obtained by other authors since they did not take into consideration the effect of shaliness. This shows that the more the shale volume, the higher the uncertainty of actual porosity of the reservoir.

Author Biographies

Ligbwah Victor Wotanie, Petroleum Research Group Dept. of Geology University of Buea, P.O. Box 63 Buea, Cameroon

PhD student in the Department of Geology

Christopher Agyingi Mbaringong, Petroleum Research Group Dept. of Geology University of Buea, P.O. Box 63 Buea, Cameroon

Associate Professor of Petroleum Geology and Sedimentology and Head of Geology Department

Djieto-Lordon Anatole, Petroleum Research Group Dept. of Geology University of Buea, P.O. Box 63 Buea, Cameroon

Associate Professor of Geophysics


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